About PoliMonitor

We provide tailored, automated political monitoring in real-time to our users, pulling from a wide variety of sources to help them keep on top of increasingly digital political discussions and developments across the UK.


We do this through our industry-leading PoliMonitor PLUS platform, which brings together the millions of bits of political data together under one roof to help make political discussions more easily monitored, followed and understood.


Political monitoring tools to track stakeholders on Twitter, in Parliament and online. Click HERE to sign up for a free PoliMonitor account today!



Frequently asked questions



Do you provide a political monitoring service?

Yes. We provide political monitoring covering the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments as well as the Welsh Assembly.

How many politicians are you tracking? 

We track over 10,000 parliamentarians in over 36 countries, in 20 different languages.

I have a limited budget. Can you help?

We can provide a range political monitoring services to cater for all budgets, from individual comms professionals to the world's biggest public affairs agencies.

Meet the team

Samuel Cunningham

Samuel Cunningham

CEO and co-founder

PoliMonitor's co-founder, Sam is an expert in communications who has held a number of roles within the British government, including under Gordon Brown in No. 10.

Dan Hartropp

Dan Hartropp

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

PoliMonitor's Chief Technical Officer, Dan has over a decade of experience working in the civil service, specialising in legislation and the use of data to solve complex operational problems.

Toby Byfield

Head of Learning and Development

Toby brings to the team a background in elections, having previously held roles in the non-profit sector as well as carrying out electoral research in Spain, Norway and the United States.

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Tailored to your needs


Powerful and professional

Instant alerts, customizable reports, translation and many other awesome features to help you automate your social media monitoring.



Tailored for your team

All the perks of Plus, and more! Includes early access to our cutting-edge parliamentary alerts service that is changing the game of political monitoring.



Maximise your value and impact

Personal, optimized on-demand service allows you to expand your influence, reach and understanding. Request development of bespoke tools that fit your needs.


Our CEO on Sky News

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