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PoliMonitor is a political technology company.

We help better understand and engage Parliamentarians in all 28 EU countries as well as the European Parliament, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. 

Know instantly when any of Europe's 10,000+ Parliamentarians are talking about issues important to you in over 20 languages.


Political analysis in the digital age.



Frequently asked questions



Why choose PoliMonitor?

Access our database of over 15 million Tweets by Parliamentarians across Europe and the US, to see who is talking about the issues that matter to you.

How many politicians are you tracking? 

We track over 10,000 parliamentarians over 36 countries, in 20 different languages. We are also tracking a growing list of candidates for the European Parliament election.

Is this free?

You can create a free PoliMonitor Basic account and 1 free alert. Upgrade to a premium PoliMonitor Plus account and access a report writing feature, instant alerts and translation services, as well as access to our expert team of digital communications professionals.

Meet the team

Samuel Cunningham

Samuel Cunningham

CEO and co-founder

PoliMonitor's co-founder, Sam is an expert in communications who has held a number of roles within the British government, including under Gordon Brown in No. 10.

Dan Hartropp

Dan Hartropp

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

PoliMonitor's Chief Technical Officer, Dan has over a decade of experience working in the civil service, specialising in legislation and the use of data to solve complex operational problems.

Olly Kendall

Olly Kendall


Having working for Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy as his Press Secretary, Olly founded Westminster PA in 2011, a public affairs consultancy from which PoliMonitor grew as a result of the necessity to monitor parliamentarians on social media.

Tobias Byfield

Tobias Byfield

Research and Development Officer

Toby brings to the team a background in elections, having previously held roles in the non-profit sector as well as carrying out electoral research in Spain, Norway and the United States.

"280 CHARACTERS" - a collection of essays on social media in politics.




Free and useful

This is social media monitoring made easy. Create a free account today and set up alerts, receiving a daily email when your search terms are mentioned by parliamentarians in the country of your choice.



Powerful and professional

Instant alerts, customizable reports, translation and many other awesome features to help you automate your social media monitoring.



Whatever you need it to be

Private bespoke lists, whitelabelled solutions and a personal, optimized on-demand service allows you to expand your influence on the political landscape.


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